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Chapters: October 2023


The Arcana Towers® Preparation:

Oct 22, 2023 Arcana Towers is preparing for adventure at Chapters in Fredericton New Brunswick!


Setting Up for Demo and Showcase

Alex Cogswell getting set to start the event...


Ok, Ready!

The table is all set up and ready for play.


A Game is Sighted!

While venturing into the store, we noticed this beauty on the shelves: Arcana Towers®!


Attention to Detail

It;s no secret that Arcana Towers is Tarot themed. We wanted to bring that theme alive in this display!


In Action

It is fair to say we drew a crowd. It was a blast!


Bampot: August 2023
Mini Tournament!


The Arcana Towers® Event:

August 18, 2023 Arcana Towers took over Bampot, Toronto's House of Tea for a tutorial and mini tournament. This event marked the arrival of the finished games in Canada!


Game Play Continues

The night filled out nicely as we finished up the tutorial games.


Tournament Second-Place Winner

We played four 1 vs. 1 to determine who would enter the final 4 player showdown! Second place won a Rider-Waite Tarot deck.

367424181_677191037637953_3123727478399084943_n (1).jpg

Let the Games Begin!

Things fired up in the tutorial session as we played two full, four-player games simultaneously in order to better explain the rules...


Wands for the Win!

The Fire Kingdom of Wands reigned supreme in the game below! A stunning victory.

368062532_1828712077549315_2732432067084156681_n (1).jpg

Grand Prize!

The winner of the four-player showdown took home a rare Deluxe Edition of Arcana Towers®!


Insult to Injury :P

A new victory term was coined as the final turn was taken in this condensed showdown. The victory condition was six Towers for the purpose of the Tournament...


Arrival of Arcana Towers!


Shortly after the tournament, the games started to arrive at the houses of the Indiegogo backers! Here is a video from one of the first to receive their copy.

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