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Arcana Towers®
Creation of:

In pursuit of a quality game!

He sat in his apartment alone and bored wishing for something to do and to share with his friends. He found himself wondering about an excuse or a reason to have a meet up. His in-person game of Dungeons & Dragons had been cancelled that day. There was no Dungeon Master available and he personally didn't have access to any board games he wanted to play. This situation seemed familiar to him...

He flipped through a tarot deck sitting on the table. He often found solace in doing a read for others, or even himself. The lore of Tarot was so interesting to him. If only there was a way to share parts of that lore with friends, other than just a one-on-one Tarot Read. If only there was some sort of game. At that moment a spark went off in his mind: there should be a Tarot board game!


The rest is history, years in the making!

Cogswell Creations/
Alex Cogswell

New creator alert!

Originally from Fredericton New Brunswick, Alex Cogswell is a East-Coast artist, board game designer, and entrepreneur. Arcana Towers® is his first professionally produced board game. Other works of his include the "Folk Rock Tale" Part I: an independent fantasy-based concept album produced with his band Ramblin Albatross. Alex's passions include: song-writing, playing guitar, Dungeons & Dragons and of course board games! He has a background in Design, completing his studies at the University of Waterloo for Architecture, as well as studying for three years at George Brown College for Graphic Design. Arcana Towers' general artwork, layout and game mechanics were all created by him over the last eight years. His passions for creativity and gaming, have led to a very beautiful and immensely enjoyable final product!

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