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ARCANA TOWERS®- Chapter 1: The Countryside:

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

***The Page of Wands***

All along the ridge, overlooking the divide of the Four Kingdoms of Tarot, the migrants travel. They search for new opportunities in the countryside, a new place to build their homes, raise their families and most importantly sow their seeds for the seasons to come. Some of these folk once called the Kingdom of Swords their home, but now change is upon them. The land from which they came has grown arid and desolate for reasons unknown to them. Now desperately they seek asylum in the lost Kingdom of Wands.

The people are wary and grow ever restless and worried. They travelled all this way but now have arrived at uncertainty- a moment about to unfold that will hold their destiny. The Page steps forward leaning heavily on his walking stick as a short poem dances off of his tongue:

“Willst thou listen

Listen to the trees

Willst thou listen

Listen to the breeze

Simplest it can be

That old melody

Thou canst hear

The voices


He then says, "If you listen to the land, then you are welcome, one and all we shall sing!”

So it was, that new life was breathed into an old and unrecognized Kingdom. Sites were staked, crops were tilled, seeds were planted, but above all the people listened to the land. This was the condition that was decreed before the foundations of houses and spires were set. The common folk were happy to abide… but they knew not what secrets the land would whisper in its song.

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