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ARCANA TOWERS®- Chapter 2: Birth of a Sorcerer PART 1

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

***The Ace of Wands***

One day, a woodsman from the newly reformed Kingdom of Wands, discovered a strange ruined tower while exploring. Its architecture looked ancient. He gathered all of his courage and all of his will and entered the base of the tower. There amidst what appeared to be burnt overgrowth, was a baby- an infant boy.

Not knowing what else to do, after being unable to detect any sign of the parent or guardian, the woodsman swaddled the babe in a scarf and brought him back to the village.

Some time passed and the boy was welcomed with open arms among the folk. A small village-council even appointed the child- Pheonn- a loving mother and father.

Pheonn had all that a young child could ask for, but even so as a child, he often found the reasoning and logic of his village strange. It was as though he had his own customs and traits imparted on him already.

As he grew, he often wondered about greatness and day-dreamed his youth away wondering if he could ever achieve it?

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