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ARCANA TOWERS®- Chapter 2: Birth of a Sorcerer PART 6

***The Tower***

Ignari’s studies progressed seamlessly! She was a natural at wielding the flame. Often she even surpassed the teacher! Her ability was remarkable, what she lacked was some of the discipline to fully master her craft. Pheonn easily taught her this discipline, in fact within another year he had taught almost all that he knew. He was certain the student would soon surpass the teacher…

That day soon arrived. Cryptically, Ignari said she wanted to show Pheonn something off in the forest. They began the trek. Pheonn began to grow concerned when they walked much, much further than he had anticipated. He was not certain of how she would ever even know any of the terrain out this far. Just when he was about to speak up to the child, he spotted it. A half ruined tower off in the distance, not unlike the one he had claimed his own. Pheonn looked to Ignari.

“You know there are others out there like you and me? Others who can wield the flame and hear the land. Some are from the village, others are from the wilds, but each of them is tuned to a ruined tower. Just like you and I. I dreamt of this. The dream always tells me one thing: We must rebuild the towers!

The towers need not force of body to rebuild them, they need the force of mind of each of the others. There are eleven of us in total.”

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