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ARCANA TOWERS®- Chapter 2: Birth of a Sorcerer PART 5

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

***The Six of Cups/The Two of Wands***

Ignari was a gift imparted upon Pheonn; a gift that would change his life and shape his fate. Initially, it was his role to teach her how to survive, how to hunt, how to take only what you needed from the land. These were the skills and disciplines this headstrong child sorely lacked. Surprisingly, even to Pheonn himself, he found that he had the ability to teach this child how to survive and thrive in the strange land of Tarot. She was quite sharp and picked up lessons fairly easily.

A year went by. The time approached that Pheonn had grown to fear. He must broach the topic of the talent Ignari possessed. The so-called “Devil’s flame”. They started the day much as they always did. They began their lessons.

“Today we start something new. A new lesson. I want you to hold out your palm and focus. Imagine a flame dancing upon it harmlessly.”

He looked at her. She brought out, not one but both hands and held them out in front of her and said:

“I’ve been waiting for this lesson for over a year!”

Then not one but two flames appeared, one hovering on each palm harmlessly!

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