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ARCANA TOWERS®- Chapter 2: Birth of a Sorcerer PART 2

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

***The Eight of Pentacles***

One day, Pheonn hit his limit. He felt as though all the village had been put on this land of Tarot only to limit him and his potential! He left his home in secret, travelling along the forest path until night-fall. He became lost in the forest. His life descended into darkness. Not knowing what else to do, Pheonn began to meditate. He found himself holding out his hand in the darkness, trying to envision a way out- when a single flame burst in the palm of his hand and sustained into a source of light. It was at this moment Pheonn saw his destiny. Where he stood, now illuminated by reflective stone, was the ruins of the tower. He knew he had found his place. He felt a connection with the stones and suddenly, as if a mist had lifted, he knew his whereabouts. He could sense them and knew how to return to the village. So that’s what he did, after marking the location of the tower in his mind so he could return.

His secret kept, was the first of the land’s whispered song. Somehow he knew he was not ready to reveal the talents he was just discovering. Whenever he could, he would wisp away into the woods and to the tower. His duties as an apprentice woodsman soon became long forgotten although he easily found just enough food to sustain himself. Rather than fishing and hunting, Pheonn spent his time meditating and training at the base of the ruined tower. He dreamed of the tower restored and himself within it. As that dream grew so did his ability. With young adulthood came his ability to wield the element of fire! He spent years bending flame to his will, forming every conceivable exercise until he felt much more than proficient in his craft. Just when he thought the time had come to present his talents to the village,a surprise instead was presented to him. The second secret of the whispered song…

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