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ARCANA TOWERS®- Chapter 2: Birth of a Sorcerer PART 3

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

***Judgment/Wheel of Fortune***

A young girl was being thrown out of her household, for she had the Devil’s flame (a term that was used to describe people who deliberately set fires). Some of the Folk even claimed she could start fires on her own accord without the aid of flint. In the pit of his stomach Pheonn knew he was not alone! She, Ignari was like him and could wield the flame. He also knew fate had guided him to keep his secret, for now it was necessary to aid the life of another. It would take every scrap of credit he was due among the villagers to make what he was about to do possible- he stepped in. He demanded a Village Council.

The members of the Council were incredulous at first and then reluctant to form, but somehow through Pheonn’s sheer force of will they gathered. Although it seemed an impossible task. None could see Pheonn as an appropriate guardian- a failed woodsman who shirked his duties whenever he could. They could not even understand how he had survived all these years, not willing to admit he must have some small talent in survival. It seemed the village liked Pheonn, but did not look very highly of him, especially when it came to responsibilities. Taking Ignari under his guardianship was just that, a huge responsibility. The outcome of the Council did not look favourable.

Just then a whistling wind swirled through the cracks of the windows and the door flung suddenly open. The sound of soft boots and a walking stick entered the room. It was the seemingly ageless Page of Wands. It was he who oversaw the settling of this very Village.

“Now, now, what seems to be the issue?”

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