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ARCANA TOWERS®- Chapter 2: Birth of a Sorcerer PART 4

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

***The Six of Swords***

Slightly taken aback, the Councillors began to explain how ridiculous Pheonn’s offer of guardianship was. They grew in confidence as they explained more and more how Pheonn had failed his duties as a woodsman. However, they were surprised again when the Page spoke. It seems to me, more than any other person in this Village, Pheonn has listened to the land. Taking only what he needed to survive. He winked at Pheonn ever so subtly.

“Perhaps it is he who has found the secret in its song?”

The Councilors were dumbfounded, but at the end of the council, Pheonn was appointed guardian of Ignari.

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